IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 26

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Help plan a menu for Brownie Pack Holiday


- Paper
- Pencils Tags (pack holiday, menu)


To see what different menus need to be planned depending on location of Pack Holiday, e.g. cottage, hostel, campsite.


Give each Six the location for the pack holiday, e.g. cottage, hostel, campsite and explain that it will be for a weekend and how many meals they need to plan e.g. supper on Friday, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper on Saturday, breakfast, lunch on Sunday.

Discuss the importance of a balanced menu, e.g. not all chocolate and sweet things.

Ask each Six to design the menu in a layout that can be put up on a notice board for the weekend so that everyone knows what they are having for each meal.

Ask each Six to share their menu plans and see which menu plan is the favourite one and which one they consider to be the most balanced.


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