IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 29

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Learn how to read a simple map and learn some map symbols


In attached file
- Copy of map symbols for each Six
- Copy of Town Map worksheet for each Brownie


This activity will teach your Brownies how to read a simple map and recognise map symbols.


Activity 1 – Map symbols
· Give the Brownies a copy of the map symbols worksheet to familiarise them with symbols used on maps
· Make out cards with symbols on them and test their knowledge

Activity 2 – Where are we?
· Before the meeting the Leader should draw a simple map of the area surrounding the meeting place including some landmarks
· Brownies are given the map and told to fill in details e.g. church, shops, post office, road names, parks using the symbols they have learned. This can be done in the meeting hall or if opportunity arises, go outside
· Once the Brownies have completed their maps, ask who put in various landmarks, what is missing etc.

Activity 3 – Map Worksheet
1. Give the Brownies the Town Map worksheet.
2. Get them to answer the questions.
3. Check their answers.

Ask your Brownies what they thought. How did they feel?

More information can be found at: www.askaboutireland.ie


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