IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 33

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Understand happy and sad feelings (linked to Healthy Friendship Option 4)

(Shared by GGNZ Programme Team
All About Me activity 29 – do an activity to find out what makes people happy and sad)


Two big sheets of paper
Stickers, glitter etc. to decorate


This is a running game to help Ladybirds to identify what makes them happy or sad.

1. Ask the Ladybirds to shout out the names of emotions that they know.
2. Draw a happy face on one poster and a sad face on the other.
3. Divide the Ladybirds into two groups and ask them to colour in and decorate the faces.
4. Hang one poster at either end of the hall.
5. Call out various statements and ask the Ladybirds to run to the appropriate face e.g. I got a new puppy; I couldn’t go to my friend’s birthday party.
6. You can split the group by calling out statements such as “all the blonde Ladybirds will get ice-cream”.

Talk about what to do if you’re sad/angry etc. Tell them they can talk to an adult if they need help.


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