IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 22

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Learn about your 5 senses (smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste)


- Eye masks or blindfolds (neckerchiefs could be used) for each Six
- Ear muffs for each Six 1 Chairs and other items that can be used as obstacles in hall or outdoors


To understand what it would be like if you couldn’t see or hear properly and how this could affect your other senses i.e. smell, taste and touch.
Leaders should take into consideration if any of the Brownies have hearing, visual or other impairments.

Get the Brownies to work in their Sixes and give one eye mask/blindfold and one set of ear muffs to each Six.

One Brownie puts on the eye masks/blindfold. There are obstacles around the hall (some of the others in the Six can make themselves into obstacles e.g. crouch down and make the shape of a rock.

One Brownie then has to lead the Brownie with the eye mask or blindfold around the hall making sure they don’t walk, trip over any obstacle.

A difference Brownie in the Six puts on the ear muffs and another Brownie has to go behind her and say something. The Brownie with the ear muffs on has to work out what the other Brownie has said to her. If she can’t work it out, get the Brownie without the ear muffs to stand in front of the Brownie with the ear muffs and whisper what she said to her.

See can the Brownie with the ear muffs understand what the other Brownie is saying by lip reading.

If you couldn’t see or hear, how this would affect your sense of smell, taste and/or touch e.g. couldn’t smell food.
Did the Brownies with the blindfolds trust the Brownies who were leading them around the obstacles or were they afraid?


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