IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 31

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Take part in an activity to learn about the night sky


- Card in a darker shade of violet or blue (not as dark as navy)
- Card in a shade of grey
- Print out of the templates including with this activity
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- Paper fasteners
- Star stickers (optional)

More details on the stars can be found in the attached file


This activity will teach Brownies about the Plough and the location of the North Star.

If it is a clear night you can bring the Brownies outside to see the Plough in the sky. It will be located to the North and is part of the Ursa Major Constellation. It will look like a spoon with 3 stars making up the handle attached to a basin made up of 4 stars. In America it is called the Big Dipper. The Plough moves around the North Star so that it is in a different position winter, summer, autumn and spring.

Instructions next page will show you have to make this great device to spot the stars.


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