IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 32

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Build a bird’s nest


- Items that have fallen on the ground, for example grasses, twigs, sticks, lichen
- A low fork in a tree


This outdoor activity will teach your Brownies how to build a nest that could hold a clutch of eggs and withstand the wind. In spring birds build nests for their eggs to hatch.

· Divide the Brownies into Sixes and get them to build a nest on a low branch using the fallen materials
· When finished building the nest place small stones, cones or other objects that could be your eggs in it to see if it will hold them
· With your ‘eggs’ still in the nest give the branch a little shake to see if your nest would stand up to the wind

In spring birds build nests for their eggs to hatch, how difficult did you find it to build the nest? Did your nest survive the wind?
Remember to tell your Brownies “Never touch a real nest” and ensure you Leave No Trace.



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