IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 33

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Know how to treat a simple burn, to clean and treat a graze, to stop bleeding from the nose


- Bandages
- Gauze
- Adhesive strips
- Cotton wool
- Water


This activity will help the Brownies to be able to deliver minor first aid and to understand when adult/emergency help is required.

Explain that First Aid is simple and quick action that can be taken when someone is injured. Someone could still need more help from a doctor/nurse or hospital after getting first aid.


Gently use water to clean any dirt out of the cut/graze. Make sure to always work from the centre of the cut/graze outwards. Then cover with a plaster. If the cut bleeds through the first bandage, apply another on top. Always get an adult to check the cut once you have delivered the first aid.

Put the area under cold running water as soon as possible and keep it there for ten minutes. Don’t remove any clothes that are on the area. Go to an adult for them to then check how bad the burn is and if a doctor is needed.

Allow the Brownies to practice applying plasters and pretending that they have a burn in pairs so they all get the chance to experience delivering First Aid for a cut and a burn.

If possible have a nurse/doctor/paramedic etc. visit the Unit and talk
the Brownies through how to deliver basic first aid.


  • burns
  • cuts
  • first aid
  • grazes
  • IGG

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