IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 38

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Understand the role of the Gardaí and if possible have a visit from a community Garda


- A copy of a colouring sheet for each Brownie (in attached file or from here www.garda.ie/Documents/User/Garda%20Colouring%20Book.pdf)
- Colouring pencils/markers


This activity will develop the Brownies’ understanding of the work of the Gardaí on a day to day basis

Begin this activity by explaining the role of the Gardaí to the Brownies. This could be done in a Pow Wow. If time allows, you could ask the Brownies if they have had any contact with the Gardaí.

Gardaí do lots of different types of jobs but the Gardaí you see in uniform spend a lot of time trying to solve crimes and helping people. When someone needs help an officer will be called on their radio and if it is an emergency they will need to leave quickly, so must always be ready to go. Officers also spend a lot of time on Patrol. 'On patrol' means that a police officer is driving or walking around the area they work. This is so that people can see them and are less likely to commit crime as they think they may get caught. If someone calls the Gardaí because they need help or something bad is happening, an officer is called on their radio and told where they need to go so that they can find out what is happening. The radios are like a special mobile phone and are really important as they help officers to stay safe. A Garda carries lots of different things and most of them are to help keep them safe like their radio, baton and handcuffs. They also have to carry a pocket note book and lots of paperwork. There is no such thing as a typical day for a Garda as every day is different.

Following your discussion the Brownies could colour one of the Garda colouring pages.

Discuss how the Brownies can stay safe. Invite the local Community Garda to come to your meeting to talk to the Brownies.

Colouring Book from An Garda Síochána:


  • crime
  • Gardaí
  • IGG
  • police
  • safety

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