IGG VOYAGER: Compulsory Challenge 1 GUIDING A

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In your own words rewrite the ten Guide Law and present them to your Unit (Personal understanding of the Guide Laws)


 Printed copies of the Guide Law for each group
 Paper
 Pens


Divide the Guides into their groups or Patrols and give each
group/Patrol a copy of the Guide Law:
Guide Law
1. A Guide is honest and reliable.
2. A Guide is loyal.
3. A Guide is useful and helps others.
4. A Guide is a friend to all, and a sister to every other Guide.
5. A Guide is polite and considerate.
6. A Guide cares for all living things and their environment.
7. A Guide is responsible and respects authority.
8. A Guide has courage and is cheerful in difficulties.
9. A Guide makes good use of her time, talents and materials.
10. A Guide respects herself and others in all she thinks, says and does.
Ask the Guides to rewrite them in their own words - this could be in
the form of a poem, song, rap, etc.
Ask the Guides to present their version to the other groups.
Discuss with Guides if they have a better understanding of the Guide
Laws after rewriting them in their own words.
Do they think the Guide Law is applicable to them?
How can the Guide Law use them in their day-to-day lives?


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