IGG VOYAGER: Compulsory Challenge 03 OUTDOORS

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The Guides will learn how to follow tracking signs in the outdoors.


 Copies of the Tracking Signs
 Card game per Patrol
 Paper
 Pens
 Sticks, stones, which the Guides should find themselves outside


Begin by familiarising the Guides with tracking signs. Use the signs on
the next page to show and explain the tracking signs.
Then play the card game provided on following pages
 Divide the Guides into their Patrols
 There are four instructions and four different tracking signs
that can be used for each on sheet
 Print sheet onto card, one for each Patrol/group in different
colours if possible. Cut into square card
 Cards can be hidden or relay game played for Guides to
collect their cards
 Guides re-assemble cards, matching tracking signs to
You could also give Guides blank paper and ask them to draw tracking

 In their groups, get the Guides to make their own tracking
board, see next page for overview
 Divide the group into two teams
 Using the signs learned get each team to lay a tracking trail
 Give the teams 15 minutes to set the trail and then swap over
so that each team follows the other’s trail
 Get the Guides to go back over the trail after the activity and
tidy up in order to Leave No Trace

Talk to the groups about how easy they found it to lay the trail, and to
follow the other team’s trail. Did they enjoy it?


  • Branch Weekend 2018
  • Guide Guiding Traditions
  • IGG
  • Interest Badge Guide Guiding Traditions
  • Leave No Trace
  • outdoors
  • Tracking Signs
  • trail

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