IGG VOYAGER: Compulsory Challenge 5 CHANGE

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Learn what makes a community and how many communities they belong to.


For each Guide
 Paper
 Markers


 Discuss with the Guides what makes a community in their
It is best if the Guides come up with their own suggestions but
here are some samples if you need to prompt the discussion:
 Guiding
 School
 Town
 Village
 Family
 Club
 Team
 Brainstorm a list of the different communities each Guide
belongs to
 Give each Guide a sheet of paper and markers
 They should draw a Community Tree, with each community
they belong to being written / drawn on the branches of the
tree (similar to a family tree)

Discuss with the Guides the importance of being part of a community,
the advantages and disadvantages.


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  • community tree
  • IGG

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