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Tie a reef knot and know how it is used (knots)


Cord/string/twine - ideally 2 pieces of different colours for each girl


Aim of Badge To practice traditional Guiding skills
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Learn how to tie a reef knot and play games to illustrate its uses

This most common knot is used to tie together two working ends of the same material and size.

How to Tie a Reef Knot
· Take an end of rope in each hand and lay the left hand end over the right.
· Then, using your right hand, take the end from the left down behind the other rope and up to the front again.
· Point the ends inwards again, this time the right hand one over the other one, then take it down behind it and up to the front through the loop which has now been formed.
· Pull the knot tight.

This knot is often remembered by, 'left over right and right over left’.

Just remember to keep using the same piece of rope all the time. Practice using 2 different colours.

The Bean Game.
After you have learnt the reef knot everyone gets one bean. They then go in pairs and see who can tie the knot the fastest. The fastest one gets the other one's bean which now means they have two. Girls with two beans find each other and repeat tying the knot. The one who ties it the fastest gets the beans and therefore now has 4 beans. She goes to find another person with four beans and so on. For the girls who lose they just go and get another bean from the pot and start out again so no one really loses and everyone gets lots of practice with this one knot.

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