IGG Interest Badge Guide Personal Safety No 5

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List the early warning signs to tell us when we are in danger or afraid (butterflies, stomach ache etc.). Discuss the importance of listening to those early signs when you experience them, and doing something about it


Scenario Cards (in attached file)


Give each patrol a scenario to act out. Scenarios - in attached file.

Following the sketches, ask the Guides the following questions about their situation:

When you are asked to do something you think/know is wrong how do you feel?

Have you butterflies, stomach pains difficulty breathing or do you feel afraid –afraid that, if you do what is asked you will be in trouble or hurt somebody or afraid that if you don’t do it they will make fun of you
(1) What qualities are required to enable you to stand up for yourself in the situation?
(2) Have you ever been forced into doing something that you knew to be wrong or harmful?
(3) Did you consider not doing it?
(4) What would have happened if you had refused to do it?
(5) Did you regret it afterwards?
(6) Are you willing to stand out as different?
(7) Do you always follow the crowd?
(8) Have you ever forced somebody into doing something?


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