Bouncing Birds

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Relay - Cubs will be different native birds with different movements




1. Explain that birds get about on the ground in different ways – some hop, some jump, some fly etc. For this game, the Cubs will be different native birds!
2. Cubs line up in relay formation with a clear marker at the other end of the playing area.
3. Give Cubs in each team the name of a native bird: Kea, Takahe, Kakapo, Kiwi, Weka, Wood Pigeon, Fantail, Morepork etc.
4. Leader calls out either “Hop” or “Jump” and then gives the name of a bird, e.g. “Hop - Morepork”.
5. The Cubs from each team who are “Moreporks” have to hop/jump up to the marker, and then back to their Six. First back wins a point for the Six.
6. When a Leader calls out “Hop (or Jump) - Birds of the Forest”, all the Cubs have to hop to the marker then return to their relay position.


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  • native birds
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