New IGG Programme

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Guides explore the Choice Challenges in the New Programme together


Photocopies of the new Programme out of the Leader Travel Guide book - pages 40-44

Pens to write on the sheets before writing up on the flip charts

Flip charts

Markers to write them on the flip chart


In Patrols take a look at the Choice Challenges in the new Programme and together as a Patrol decide what activities would be suitable to do as a unit, a patrol, a peer group or as individuals. There are six categories, so they could do this in pairs first and then get consensus from the Patrol (suggest this idea to the Patrol Leader)

This activity gives the girls a chance to explore what is in the new Programme and realise there is an option of doing things alone in Guides.

Once they have done this, decide which ones they might like to do this year, and these can be written on the flip charts.

This is a way to get the Guides ideas in a Patrol setting and they LOVE writing on flipcharts! This exercise will help plan your Programme.


  • choices for girls
  • explore new Programme
  • planning for Autumn term

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