Human Hungry Hippos

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Platform dolly per team
Rope per team
Laundry basket per team
Bucket or other receptacle per team
Cycle helmet per team (optional)
Lots of plastic balls
Electrical tape to mark teams' home areas


Put lots of plastic balls in the centre of the hall. Allocate a corner to each team.
Each team chooses a player to go first
They lie on the board - keeping both hands on the upturned laundry basket - and their teammates push them into the centre.
They collect balls with the basket. The team then pulls them back to their team corner with the rope.
Any balls under the basket are transferred to the team receptacle.
Every player gets two goes before swapping with the next member of their team.
When there are no balls left, count to see which patrol has gathered the most.
Play for three rounds, then calculate overall score.



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