IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Guiding Traditions Option 15

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Play a game to gain some facts about the history of Guiding (History of Guiding Picture Story)


Copy of the Picture Story (25 pages)
Copy of the Story for the Leader
Leader’s Quiz sheet
Quiz sheet per Six


This activity will teach your Brownies the history of Guiding and show how we are all connected.
It’s a good activity to use as a follow up story to
How Guiding was started” by Dorothy Crocker ( Journey Planner page 65)
1. Number each card of the picture story on the blank side 1-25.
2. Brownies sit in a circle on the floor.
3. Distribute the cards amongst them in order
4. As the Leader reads the story she pauses at the highlighted part for the Brownie to hold up the picture for all to see before placing it face up on the floor in front of her.
5. At the end you will have an illustrated Story of Guiding in a circle on the floor.
6. Give the Brownies a few minutes to study the pictures.

Debrief/Discussion Complete a table quiz in their sixes


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  • Brownie Challenge 2018/2019
  • History of Guiding
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  • Interest Badge Brownie Guiding Traditions
  • North West Regional Conference 2016
  • Northwest Regional Conference 2016

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