IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Bird Watcher Option 01

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1. Be able to recognise and describe at least six different Irish birds (Find the Bird Game)


Pictures of birds by four sets (pages 3 & 4)
Name of birds cards by four sets (pages 1& 2)
Master copy for Leader (page9 & 10)
Tokens ( I use lollipop sticks)


Aim of Badge

This Badge has 4 options of which 3 must be completed

Week One:
Scatter the pictures of birds around the meeting hall. Leaders hold onto the name of bird cards. Ask the Brownies to get into pairs. Each pair collects a name card from the Leader. Pair searches for the picture of their bird. If unsure what the bird looks like, they can check the master copy. Once they have found the bird they show it to a Leader. If correct they are given a token, the pair return the bird picture to the game and then collect another name of bird card. Continue playing the game adding up the tokens at the end. Pair with most tokens get a Brownie Well Done
Week Two:
Play as above
Week Three:
Play as above in one but do not display the master copy.


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