IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 12 Global Awareness

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12 Know the names of the World Centres and where they are (Four World Centres Mini Book)


Photocopy of Four World Centres mini book per Brownie
Charts of the World Centres


This activity will help the Brownies to have a better understanding of WAGGGS and the World Centres.

To make a Four World Centres mini book.
1. Photocopy attached booklet for each Brownie
2. Cut along the outer broken line.
3. To fold follow the diagram on attached file
4. Display attached World Centres information around the room at different stations.
5. Brownies visit each station to help fill in the required information into their booklet.


  • Brownie World Guiding
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  • North East Regional Conference 2017
  • North West Regional Conference 2016
  • Northwest Regional Conference 2016
  • South West Regional Conference 2017
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  • world centres

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