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Use these methods to reach three decisions at you meeting


 Tokens
 3 Containers for Tokens
 Picture of activities to be voted on (Method Two)
 OGM/Roll Book
 Voting Papers (with pictures of choices)
 Ladybird Stamp
 Ballot Box
 Polling Station (these can be cardboard boxes with the top and one side cut out)
 Pencils


Aim of Badge
Demonstrate how a group can make a decision
This Badge has 2 options of which 2 must be completed

Show of Hands
A simple question…. The Units favourite fruit
A simple choice…..
Hands up! - Those who like apples … and
Hands up! -Those who like oranges.
You can only choose one fruit… Leader counts the apple hands and the orange hands. Majority (or biggest amount) is the favourite fruit.

Using a counter to show that the majority wins
Each Ladybird is given a token.
Have three containers, with picture of chosen activity
Explain Ladybirds must decide which of the following activities they like best.
Basketball, Swimming, Ballet, Irish Dancing,
Each Ladybird should place her token in the container of the activity she likes best.
Count the tokens to see which the most popular activity is.

First decide what the purpose of the vote is e.g. - (Favourite Disney Character)

This is a secret ballot, so each Ladybird must not tell each other before or after who they vote for.

• Ladybirds come up to a table, say their name,
• Leader, will check that they are on OGM /Roll Book
• Leader marks the attendance record
• Only Ladybirds recorded can vote
• Leader stamps a voting paper with a stamp, and gives it to the Ladybird
• Ladybird goes to the polling Booth to make her vote in private/secret.
• Ladybird folds her voting paper and then places her paper into Ballot Box.
• When voting is completed the Leaders brings the Unit together onto the garden, empties the ballot box onto a table.
• The votes are counted in full view of all
• The total for each is read out by the returning Officer
• The highest vote is declared the winner

Ask the Ladybird which method of voting they liked best and why


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