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IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Bird Watcher Option 01

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1. Be able to recognise and describe at least six different Irish birds


Pictures of birds by four sets (pages 5 & 6)
Name of birds cards by four sets (pages 3& 4)
Master copy for Leader (page 11 & 12)
Tokens ( I use lollipop sticks)
Four Sets of pages 7, 8, 9 & 10


Option One (A) See file
Material Needed:
Pictures of birds x four sets, Name of birds x four sets,
Master copy of named birds
Time: 10/15 mins
Play over the three weeks

Option One (B) See file
Material Needed:
Pictures of birds x two sets per Six.
Time: 15mins

Option One (C) See file
Material Needed: One set of bird picture cards and bird name cards. Stop watch.
Time: 12mins

Option One (D) see file
Play game as laid out in Brownie Leader Journey Planner page 151

Final week (Week Three) Option One (E)
Material Needed:
Full set of cards per Six: Bird names cards, Pictures, General information
Time 20mins

Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes 12 pages


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