Doctors Nature Scavenger Hunt

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A Nature Scavenger Hunt in the woods


Sealed Letter as per instructions below
Bag to put "ingredients" into for each Six


Doctor's Nature Scavenger Hunt Activity

Equipment Sealed letter for each patrol


Each Six or Patrol is given the sealed letter. It should contain instructions similar to these:

"Greetings, young Cubs/Scouts. Your Leader (insert Leaders Name) has come down with a horrible disease, the likes of which I have seen only twice before. Luckily, the second time I came up with a cure. You are to work has a Six/Patrol to find me the ingredients for this medicine:

List of items that can be found in the playing area

Return to your camp with as many of these as you can within an 45 minutes of reading this or I fear the worst.

Good luck!

(Signed) Matthias Morgue, Witch Doctor."

The list should be about 20 items long, and be sure that all can be found in your area.

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