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Make a Healthy Snack


Hand blender
Chopping board
Plastic knife
Measuring jug
Large jug for mixing
Cups and straws
Bananas / Strawberries (1 banana / 5 strawberries per beaver)
Milk (200ml per beaver)


It is best to work in groups of 3-4 at a time.
- Get the Beaver Scouts to chop up the banana into chunky slices - they can use a plastic knife if the banana is ripe enough
- Place the banana and a little milk into a large jug
- Using a hand blender carefully begin to mix the ingredients, if you are brave you can let the Beaver Scouts try it!
- Once the banana is thoroughly mushed up, add the remaining milk and blend further
- Pour into cups, if you can get hold of crushed ice add this on the top, and a straw


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