IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Bird Watcher Option 03 (b)

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Visit a habitat where you will see a selection of birds in their own environment - river, seashore, woodland, town park, etc., and record the birds you see (Duck Picture )


Duck picture
Bird Books
Colouring Pencils


Why not turn this into a Pack outing or make it part of your activities on Brownie Pack holiday. Make sure you take a good bird book with you to make it more interesting for everyone.

Give each Brownie an enlarged copy of the duck (see overleaf) using the hints on the page let each Brownie fill in the colours. Use the books to identify the ducks.

Attachments/Template needed for activity Yes 1 page


  • bird identification
  • bird watching
  • Interest Badge Brownie Bird Watcher
  • Visit a habitat

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