Superhero/ninja stress balls

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How to make stress balls from balloons and flour, rice or sand and decorate them to look like superheroes or ninjas


Round balloons - 24 x white, 6 x blue, 6 x red, 6 x yellow, 6 x green
Flour/rice/sand (60g per ball)
Sandwich baggies x 24
Ballpoint pens


Adapted from
Step 1: Fill a baggie with 60g of flour/rice/sand. Twist the baggie to close, and squeeze out as much air as possible.
Step 2: Cut the blowing end off of a balloon so that you are left with a round balloon with a hole. Stuff the baggie of flour/rice/sand into the balloon.
Step 3: Cut off the blowing end of another balloon and stretch this balloon over the balloon stuffed with the baggie making sure you cover the hole so that the baggie can’t come out.
Step 4: Cut a section of the blowing end that was removed in step 1. Make two small slits for eye holes and stretch over the ball. Draw in eyes, mouth etc. Alternatively make ninjas -


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