IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 05

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Identify the seven principles of Leave no Trace (Crossword)


 Copy of Crossword per pair
 Set of Word Cards
 Master copy for Leader
 Pencils
 Coloured Pencils


A) Introduce “Leave No Trace” to your Brownies and discuss the 7 principles

1. Plan and prepare.
2. Be considerate of others.
3. Respect farm animals and wildlife.
4. Travel and camp on durable ground.
5. Leave what you find.
6. Dispose of waste properly.
7. Minimise the effects of fire.

B) Place the hint cards to help complete the crossword around the room
C) Give each pair a copy of the Leave no Trace crossword
D) Explain how to complete the crossword. The words around the room will help them complete the crossword
E) At the end of the activity go through the answers with everyone at Pow wow.

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