IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 05

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No 5. Identify the seven principles of Leave No Trace (Leave no Trace Elephants )


 Set of Elephants per Six (see attached file)
 Leaders information Sheet


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Introduce “Leave No Trace” to your Brownies and discuss the 7 principles:
1. Plan and prepare.
2. Be considerate of others.
3. Respect farm animals and wildlife.
4. Travel and camp on durable ground.
5. Leave what you find.
6. Dispose of waste properly.
7. Minimise the effects of fire.

a) Copy pages overleaf onto four different coloured cards, making four set, one for each Six.
b) Laminate and cut out elephants
c) Scatter the cards on the floor.
d) Give each Six one piece. This is the colour they are to collect.
e) Decide how the Sixes will collect the pieces
f) When a Six have all 18 pieces they marry up the elephants
g) Each style of elephant makes up one of the principles of Leave no Trace.
h) In Pow wow have a discussion on each of the principle using Leader information as a guide.
This activity will help your Brownies to become aware of the Leave no Trace principles


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