Staff Drill Game

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A game bases on 'Weapon Drill' using Staves


Broom handles, Staves or long sticks.


Each member of the patrol is given a stave. At this point give out any safety warnings about using them.
Give out the activity sheet to patrol leaders (1 per patrol)
Tell patrol leaders that they have 25 minutes to teach their patrols all 9 positions which must be memories. They will need to perform each position back to the group at the end of the activity.

Each Patrol performs back in turn with the patrol members facing their patrol leader. Patrol leader calls out all 9 positions (In turn) and the whole patrol perform the action.
Run as a competition and mark each patrol for how many they correctly perform.

Here is a video of the whole activity - A very successful activity.


  • patrol leaders
  • team building
  • team work

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