Teamwork challenge

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Cubs work together to build a tower, which can support an item e.g. tennis ball or egg. The tallest tower wins!


Set of tokens.

Pipe cleaners
Cardboard boxes


The challenge is to work together as a team to build the tallest tower, capable of supporting a tennis ball at its top.

Start the challenge off with a discussion of types of teams, get the cubs to suggest different teams and roles in teams. Talk about effective teams and how everyone in a good team has a role - and all pull together to reach the team goals.

All sixes are given 10 tokens, these can be used to purchase supplies in the shop (see price list). Cubs need to decide how much of each item they need. Cubs can also purchase adult help in units of 15 minutes. The shop is run by the young leaders.

After the end of the challenge, cubs all go back to their sixes to discuss what went well and each sixer stands to let the rest of the group know what went well and what they might do differently next time in their team.

We ran this event as the first meeting after sixes had been swapped around and new sixers appointed to give the cubs a chance to explore how they work as a group. This activity can easily be extended for scouts, explorers and also adult members.


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