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The aim of the game is to get the cubs to work in teams to work out who the "boogie" is and then avoid getting tagged.


Large space


Keep running until you hear sneeze followed by a number, when you hear this number stand still and keep your eyes peeled for boogies.
Boogies then tag anyone in reaching distance whilst keeping their identity hidden
Once you have been tagged you cannot say who the boogie is and need to sit out and watch
Anyone who reveals the identify of the Boogie without putting their hand up is automatically out.
If someone guessing the boogie right, that boogie becomes a non boogie.
Last Boogie in wins, or non boogies win if all boogies are spotted
When sneeze is called before we run again cubs will have a chance to guess who the boogie is. After the first 5 mins


  • game energetic
  • team game

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