Name association

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Helping cubs to learn each others names by using alliterations.


Cubs with brains!


Sit cubs down in a circle/horse shoe.
First cub starts by saying "My names "Jerry" but you can call me "Jolly Jerry"
Second cubs says "My names Alex, but you can call me Angelic Alex, and to my right is "Jolly Jerry".
3rd come repeats with there name and list the 2 names prior to him, and so on until they reach the end. The aim will be that by the end last person says everyones name. Most likely by that point all the cubs will need to join in to help remember every ones name.
Depending on the age groups depends on whether they need to do more activities along side this in a session to earn the badges.


  • Problem solving and games
  • team work
  • Team-Building

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