Local Compass Walk

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Wander around the neighbourhood using compasses and pacing


OS maps (probably 1:25) of your area


Teach the scouts basic compass skills first.
Measure out 100m and get the scouts to count the number of paces they take for 100m (counting double-paces is easier)

Have a map yourself and measure out the distance to a path/road and tell the scouts to walk that distance (based on their paces).

Then give them the bearing they should walk on and get them to walk on that route.

During the walk, ask scouts to tell you bearings of certain things and convert bearings on the map to bearings in reality.

Ask some scouts to take the bearings of the junctions and tell the other scouts which direction to walk in and swap roles each junction so everyone does everything.


  • compass
  • compass bearings outdoor
  • Compass skills

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