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Two teams trying to capture the other teams tails, where captured tails can be used as a life or given to the team leader as a point


Length / strips of cloth approx. 3cm x 50cm (old sheets) twice as many as you have players, Large field, two team captains (leaders)


Separate into two teams, Each member is given a tail and tucked into pocket / shorts so at least 30-40 cm is hanging down. Teams separate and on the whistle they have to capture the opposite teams tail. 1. You can only capture a tail if you have one one. 2. a caputed tail can be used as a life so if you loose yours you can replace it. 3. Tails collected at the end of the game (including ones on and used as life) count as points. If the teams are evenly matched this game can keep going once the game is finished sit down and review what worked well to capture tails and what the team could do better.



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