Bat-Moth Game

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A fun game to teach young people about echolocation




Aim - For the Bat to catch a Moth

This is a simulation of Echolocation - the way in which a bat emits a sound which then rebounds off of everything and it enables it to locate it's prey and catch it.

1 - Choose a young person to be a "Bat" and blindfold them.
2 - Choose 2 young people to be "moths".
3 - The remaining young people and leaders form a circle holding hands around the bat and moths.
4 - On "Go" the Bat shouts "Bat!" and the moths have to respond with "Moth!"
5 - The Bat keeps shouting "Bat!" and the moths have to keep responding with "Moth!" with the Bat trying to use his/her sense of hearing to locate and capture the moth. The moths are able to see and can run away from the Bat.
6 - The game ends when the Bat catches a moth.
7 - Swap over with a new Bat and Moths.

Important - the circle is there to protect the Bat so they don't hurt them-self or wander off. The Circle should stay quiet.

Note: The young people may need a bit of a hint that the quicker the Bat says "Bat!" the quicker the moths respond "Moth!" and the easier it is for the bat to catch a moth.


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