Knee Tag

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Game - Scouts earn point by tagging other scout's unguarded knees




Step One:
Start with scouts in pairs.
Each scout guards their own knees with their hands.
The aim is to tag your partner's unguarded knees.
Scouts are not able to move their feet to avoid being tagged, they can only defend by covering their knees with their hands.

Step Two:
Same as above, but scouts can now move their feet to avoid being tagged - they can't just run away though!

Step Three:
Now that scouts are moving around they can tag anybody's unguarded knees.

Step Four:
Lead periodically shouts 'Hands Up' followed shortly after by 'Hands Down'.
Scouts must raise their hands up on hearing 'Hands Up' thereby leaving their knees unguarded and able to be tagged by anyone.

Scout who has tagged the most knees wins.


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