Sticker Teams

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Non-verbal communication and reflection activity to increase girls awareness of belonging, to help them think about the criteria that people use to identify themselves as part of a certain group and To encourage lateral thinking.


Stickers of different colours/shapes


1. Girls form a circle.
2. The Leader asks the girls to follow 2 rules for a little while: to close their eyes and to keep silent.
3. Then the Leader starts to put stickers on the forehead of every girl except one/two
4. The Leader explains that, in a few seconds, girls will be able to open their eyes and carry out the following activity. ‘to make teams without talking’.
5. Once the Leader considers that the teams are formed, the girls sit down and reflect on the experience.
6. What is normal is for the girls to join a team according to their sticker’s colour/shape.


Explain that they were simply told to form teams but not how to do it. Why is it that we seem instinctively to join those who are like us and exclude those who are not? What criteria did you use to join the team? Why did you join by colours/shapes?
How did you know the colour/shape of your sticker? How do people build their identity?
How did it feel to meet someone having the same colour as you?
Did you cooperate in making teams?
What teams do you belong to in day to day life? (Guides, school, family, sports club...)
Can anyone be a member of those teams?
Who in our society has no sticker?


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