The Grime-Line Game

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Highlighting the importance of keeping waterways free of litter and pollution. Part of 'A Million Hands'.


printout of items found in waterways.


1. Print out list of items
2. Distribute to scouts together with string long enough to reach from one side of the hall to the other and enough pegs for one per item
3. ask scouts to put in order of how long it takes to decompose
4. ask scouts to peg the items on the string in the order and position they think appropriate - start of the string is 0 the other end is 2 million years.
5. ask patrols to share their thoughts before giving answers

Items and Times:
Banana skin - 3-4 weeks
Paper bag - 1 month
Cardboard - 2 months
Woollen Sock - 1 year
Steel Can - 50 years
Aluminium Can - 200-500 years (but can be recycled and reused within 6 weeks)
Nappy - 550 years
Plastic bag - 20-1000 years
Plastic jug - 1 million years
Glass - 1+million years
Polystyrene - 1-2 million years


  • Environment
  • Litter
  • million hands
  • Pollution
  • water

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