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Identify what a good friend is (Circle of Friends)


Materials Needed
 Lollipop Stick with good and bad statements
 Copy of statements (Overleaf)


The Ladybirds will learn to identify what a good friend is.

Circle of Friends
• Ladybirds sit in a circle
• Each Ladybird is given a lollipop stick, each stick has a good or bad friend statement (See attached file)
• Leader helps each Ladybird read out their statement
• If the Ladybird feels the statement is the behaviour of a Good Friend
she jumps up and shout “good friend” and claps her hands
• If the Ladybird feels the answer is the behaviour of a Bad Friend
she stays sitting and shouts out “bad friend”

Leaders should have a general discussion with the Ladybirds before the game of what makes a good friend.

Debrief/Discussion Take a minute to debrief and reinforce the correct answers.
Make sure to praise the girls when they are correct

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