Super Scout

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Individual events that need a team approach to accomplish


Depends on events used


Present Scouts with list of events (same number as patrol members, some sporting, some fun, some Scout skills)
Give 10 minutes for each patrol to nominate who is completing each event
Each event is individual i.e. one person at a time and timed (30 seconds - 1 minute e.g. how many push ups, how many knots). Patrols go first in rotation.
Points awarded for each event 5 for 1st down to 2 for 4th.
At each event patrol supporters can win extra points. 2 for engagement, 2 for sportsmanship (applauding other patrols efforts), 2 for team spirit (encouraging own member).
At end total points and debrief evening.
Award chocolate prizes.


  • decision making
  • explorers
  • scouts
  • team building

Badge Links

  • Teamwork - Team-building