Should I eat it?

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Game to help beavers learn about healthy and unhealthy foods.


Pictures of different food or the actual food items.


- Tell the Beaver Scouts that one side of the meeting place is 'Healthy' and the other 'Unhealthy'
- Open a lunch box and tell them that they can help you decide what to put in it for your tea
- From another box take out some items one at a time and show them
- As you show the items the Beaver Scouts run to the wall they think offers the best advice e.g. show a banana and they should run to the 'Healthy' side
- Place the 'Healthy' items on one side and the 'Unhealthy' on the other
- At the end of the game ask which 'Healthy' items you should pack in your box - do you want it to have only fruit? Is there a drink? Etc
- Ask the Beaver Scouts why they chose particular food as 'Healthy' or 'Unhealthy' did they allow you any treats for example
- Following their discussions pack Healthy tea away


  • Health and Fitness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy foods

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