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Get Troop to a position to choose between Disability, Dementia, Mental Health and Water Sanitation as social issues to address


Videos and Resource Packs for all themes from
Projector & Sound
4 boxes of matches
A3 paper x 4 (1 per issue to receive post-it votes)
A3 paper x 4 (1 per issue if optional poster drawing is included)
Colouring pens for 4 groups


Talk to Scouts about A million hands using Overview pdf (5 mins)
- What is the programme page 3
- What badges does it contribute to pages 7 - 9
- What are the social issues pages 16 - 17

Run the overview video (5 mins)

Split into 4 groups with an adult (one for each issue) (20 mins plus 5 for video). To encourage participation, give each Scout in each group 3 matchsticks. Each time one of them speaks they give a stick to the leader (several if they speak for a long time). Debate ends when all have used matches or it reaches a natural close.
- Scouts to run through the "understanding the need" sections of their issues resources pack
- each group takes turns to watch the video associated with their issue in a separate room from main hall
- (Option) Scouts draw a poster to summarise the issue to use on report back (runs in parallel but add 5 mins)
- Scouts to report back to the Troop on the types of activities they will do for their issue and the sorts of people they will help

Use post-its on a white board as a mechanism for Scouts to vote for the issue they want to adopt (5 mins)


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