cup cake decorating

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Using coloured sugar paste, design and decorate a cup cake or 2, could be used for the pattern part of art and craft badge but I couldn't download


ready made butter icing, coloured sugar paste, cake cutters and various decoration cutters, rolling pins, icing sugar and water for gluing decorations on, cup cakes, paint brushes


wash hands learn importance of this

for a Minion cupcake, cover cupcake with butter icing, soften then roll out yellow sugar paste, cut a circle big enough to cover cup cake then place on butter icing. Roll out and cut a small circle in white for eye using icing sugar and water mixture and a small paint brush glue each following shape on. Next with grey sugar paste make an open circle just bigger than white to encircle the white then grey lines at either side to look like Minion glasses. roll out a small black ball, flatten for eyeball. roll out thin black strip for mouth.

any other colours, decorations to suit, we used flower cutters and sugar balls, a butterfly cutter etc, it took 1 hour to decorate 2 cupcakes

clean up



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