Tent challenge

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Team building challenge while learning about putting up tents


One tent per group. Scarfs. Seat


PL takes a seat and can give instruction
APL can not touch the tent and can not speak
Half of the scouts are blind folded with their scarf and others can only use one hand

This is a race with each group putting up a tent.

PL will give the instructions to the scouts so that will put up the tent correctly
APL is to guide the other scouts to complete the instructions from the PL, but can not touch the tent. This can include guiding scout to the correct place particullarly if they are blind folded, or pointing to parts of the tent for those who can see, bring scouts together so they can work together on a tasks that requires more than one hand or eyes to complete.

First team to complete wins.

You can then get them to take down and pack away the tent using the same game above.


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