IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 07

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7. Know the Brownie Guide Promise and Sign (Say Hello with the Br Sign)


 Copy of Say Hello with the Brownie Sign (See Overleaf)
 Pencils/Colours


To introduce the Brownies to the Brownie Guide Promise and Sign.


The Brownie Sign is made by raising three fingers of the right hand to the shoulder, keeping the thumb and little finger bent so that they touch and the elbow down as much as possible. The three fingers remind us of the three parts of the Promise. The Brownie Sign is used when making or repeating the Promise.

Say Hello with the Brownie Sign.
Give each Brownie a copy of the activity to join the dots.

Discussion: We know we use the sign when we are saying the Promise. Name another time when we use the sign.


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