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A walk around the local community visiting places of interest and learning about important services available.


Questionnaire (prepared earlier by hard working Leaders or Six Leaders Council)


In 6’s with a Leader or Parent follow a pre-set route around your neighbourhood or CBD collecting answers to the pre arranged questions/directions.
In the week(s) prior, you may wish to plan a route to include;
Police station, fire station, Medical Centre, Post Office, Churches, District council service centre, Local events Centre, Historic buildings, local landmarks, library.
The Six Leaders council could be coached in planning the route and designing the questionnaire, with parent/leader input.

Example questions:
What is the name of the senior constable of the ......Police Station?
What are the opening hours of the Community Centre/ Library?
What time and day is the weekly sermon at the local church?
How many fire trucks are parked in the fire station?

Once back at the Scout Hall, the first Sixes to arrive back could draw a map of the township showing the key places visited.
Every correct answer may count towards Six points for the night.


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