Morse code name jewellery and game

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Make jewellery encoded with young person's name, muddle them up and decode to find the owner


String (suitable for threading like Hemp), 3 colours of beads, pencil + paper, Morse code alphabet (printed on paper, on a projector screen, etc and available online via Wikipedia for example)


- Discuss the history of Morse code and what it is
- Give each young person a piece of paper and pencil and access to the Morse Code alphabet (including language extensions for non-English)
- Young person then translates their name into the appropriate Morse code symbols (easier to do this with each letter on a line for easier distinction of individual coded letters)
- Once translated, the YP gets an adult/help to double-check
- The YP then threads beads onto the string to represent the Morse Code - using one colour to represent "Dots", one for "Dashes" and one for "Spaces"
-- two "Space" colours can be used to indicate word breaks and possibly use a different start combination to end combination (2 "Spaces" at start, 3 "Spaces" at end) so that the code can be read in the correct order
- Once complete, the adult/helper double checks and assists the YP in tying into an appropriate design (wristband, necklace, keyfob,...)
- When everyone is finished, all jewellery is placed into a hat/bowl
- Each YP takes one piece of jewellery out of the hat and then have to decode/work out who's piece of Jewellery they are holding. Note that if they read it backwards (ie. if no distinguishing pattern is used to indicate which end of the code is the beginning) that the code will not make sense - they will have to work out that there was no-one in the group with that name and start at the other end!!


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  • morse code

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