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Hold a Pack Forum to come up with a Charter by which the Pack will operate


Paper and Pencil/Pen per Six


As part of United Nations Day, hold a Pack Forum

The Pack is to hold a Forum to come up with a Charter or set of Rules/Code by which it will operate in much the same way the original members of the United Nations did

In their Sixes, lead by the Sixer and Seconder each Six is to come up with some ideas they would like to see in the "Charter", give about 10 minutes

Regroup, Cubs to sit in their Sixes at Table facing the Leaders who are also sitting at a table and will Chair the debate.

Each Six in turn talks through their ideas one at a time. Once each Six has finished the other Sixes have a chance to debate the ideas.

A vote is taken at the end as to weather each idea is to be included in the "Charter"

At the end of the evening all Cubs will sign their name on a sheet of paper, this will be scanned and added to the typed "Charter" that will then be displayed on the Cub Board in the hall, this document will then become the "Founding" Charter of the Pack and will be reviewed and updated on a yearly bases

Only one Person to speak at a time
Everyone can have a chance to speak
No ideas are STUPID


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