Foreign Games (World Badge)

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A few simple foreign games towards the World Badge (Chief Scout's Silver)


Paper cups
Small balls / bean bags


Pyramids of the Nile
Divide the Cubs into teams of 4-6 , and line them up in straight lines that stretch from one end of the playing area to the other. (i.e. 2-3 m between team members). The first Cub on each team is given 10 flat-bottomed paper cups. On ‘GO’, the Cub builds a pyramid in front of him/herself. All ten cups have to be used. When finished, he and the second Cub on the team try to carry the pyramid to the place where the second player sat. If they drop any part of the pyramid they can rebuild it where it fell and then continue their walk. When they reach the proper spot, the second Cub tumbles the pyramid and then rebuilds it so that he and the third player can advance the pyramid to the third location. The relay ends when all of the ‘Egyptians’ have built, moved, and tumbled the pyramid. Could start with small pyramids and get bigger.

Two players (or teams) sit on the floor facing each other about 2m apart. An empty plastic bottle / paper cup stands at the foot of each player. Each pair of players have a nerf or small rubber ball. In turn, a player rolls his ball toward the other player trying to knock down his bottle. Each hit counts as one point.


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