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IGG Interest Badge Ladybird Healthy Mind Option 03

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Demonstrate relaxation exercises




Aim of Badge
To develop a happy healthy mind

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

Activity: Deep Breathing
• Ask the girls to lie down on the floor and close their eyes.
• Inhale deeply through their noses for six seconds, filling their bellies with air.
• Release the air through their mouths as a great sigh of relief.
Activity : Muscle Relaxation
Ladybirds form a large circle and do the following actions-
• Raise eyebrows towards the ceiling and hold for five seconds
• Close their eyes and pull back their lips in a closed smile
• Open eyes and mouth for five seconds
• Stretch out arms
• Stretch out hands
• Stretch out fingers
• Stretch out legs
• Stretch out feet and toes
• Stretch shoulders towards ears, twist torso to left and then twist to right
• Relax all muscles


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