Personal Challenge Evening

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A set of activities for scouts to identify and decide challenges for the personal challenge award. We did this in a single evening but feel free to adapt it to your needs


Paper, Printed What am I good at’ Cards and Booklet (1 per Scout)


 Identify strongest skills and personal qualities.
 Decide on skills and personal qualities which you would like to be better at.
 Discuss with peers and adults how these areas can be developed
 Decide on 1 (or 2) personal challenges to complete.

Activity 1 (10 Mins)
1. Gather the whole troop together in a circle. Discuss the Personal Challenge Award and any questions they have.

2. Tell scouts that it is important to always do your best and challenge yourself. In the future this means you’ll develop more skills, take part in more experiences and be better than you think at doing things.

3. Ask a Scout to read aloud the Scout Law. Ask Scouts to rate themselves out of 10 for how well they live by the Scout law. Ask if they have any initial challenges they could set themselves based on the Scout law.
 Possible answers: Don’t tell lies, tidy my room, do this washing up, don’t fight with my siblings etc.
 Tell the group these are good ideas but we’ll be developing them further.

Activity 2 (10 Mins)
1. Give each Scout a pack of ‘What am I good at?’ cards. Then read each one aloud.
 Cooking.
 Organising and being tidy.
 Looking after my things.
 Helping my Mum and Dad around the house.
 Physical activities (Eg: Football, Running)
 Being a good friend and helping others.
 Behaviour (Either at Home, School or Scouts)
 Doing my best (Not just at Scouts)
 Making the best use of my time.(Rather than being lazy)
 Making things. (Arts and Crafts)
 Teaching skills to others
 Trying out new activities

2. Find a clear space on the floor (or at a table) and order the cards based on how good you are at each skill/quality from strongest to weakest. – Ask adults to help Scouts who may have difficulty reading/deciding.

3. Complete page 1 of the ‘Personal Challenge’ Booklet – Write out name, top 3 and bottom 3 skills/qualities

4. Hand in cards back to leaders

5. Tell Scouts to Pair with a friend and find an empty place on the floor. Discuss answers from Activity 2 for 2 minutes with your friend. Do they agree with you?
Activity 3 (10 mins)

1. Talk through example challenges from the ‘Example Challenges List’ How are you going to improve you 3 weakest skills? Talk to your friend. Do they have any ideas for your challenges?
2. On a plain piece of paper ask scouts to write their names and give 3 challenges which they think would be good for them to do.
3. Collect in paper and booklets.

Activity 4
1. For the rest of the meeting do something totally different and more practical such as a game. During the game have a leader (or 2) call up scouts to discuss and set their final challenge(s).
2. You could use challenges which you have previously decided to assign to your scouts.
3. If a challenge can not be agreed. Communicate with parents to set a challenge.


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